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What is AutoSlalom?

AutoSlalom (AKA Auto-X, Solo II) is simple: you try to drive your car through a pylon course as quickly as you can without losing control or knocking over any pylons.

Since not all cars were created equal (some corner well, some accelerate well) this is more of a test of the driver against the clock than it is driver against driver. On the other hand, it wouldn't be much fun if each driver was only ever competing against themselves so a the WCMA has introduced a point system to try and make it more of a challenge.

All cars have been placed in classes depending on certain things such as their age, horsepower, weight, still in stock condition, blah, blah, blah. This does balance out the classes a little but there are still cases where one car will be better than the next. Even small differences can mean several seconds on the course. One example would be brand new tires versus old tires.

Normally each driver gets four timed attempts at the course. All times are recorded and are available for each competitor to look at. 

Registration Procedure:

  1. Park your vehicle in pit area, remove all loose articles from the inside of your car and trunk, remove the driver's floor mat, and ensure your battery is properly secured. Open your hood and trunk.
  2. Ask registration for a tech sheet (or print your own beforehand
  3. Prefill side 1 which is the driver and car information.
  4. Look over your own vehicle according to the tech inspection form. If you deem the vehicle and other safety items suitable for racing then you may take your tech inspection form to the registration/timing tent.
  5. Take your approved tech inspection form to the registration/timing tent and submit the form, pay your entry fee (cash only) and sign the general event waiver. Course maps MAY be provided.
  6. At this time if you had not signed up for a task like setting up cones, chalking cones or sweeping the course, you will be given a task - most likely sweeping.
  7. Attend, listen and feel free to ask questions at the drivers meeting.
  8. Walk the course. Take notes if you like.
  9. Get your run group assignments. Usually, we have 2 run groups. Each run group has 2 runs each. Then we switch groups. Then you you get your next 2 runs.
  10. While the event is underway, if it is not your run group you MUST be out marshaling on the course.

NOTE: Speed limit within the pits and surrounding roads at Lawson Heights Mall is 10 km/h. Crawl around in 1st gear! No stunting will be tolarated. No tire warming, burnouts, drifting etc. You will be told to leave and will not be refunded your entry fees.

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