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Registered Drivers

Updating your Registration:
Updating your registration is now turned off. Please use the contact us form if you need something updated. 

Car Numbers:
Please make note of your number. It is now official. If you didn't get what you expected that is because somebody registered your number before you. (first come, first serve). If you have contacted them and agreed to swap numbers, you need to contact us right now. Thanks!

Super Slalom 2013

Unofficially, there are 57 Drivers Registered:

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# Name Club Sponsor Car Tire Class
120 Neal H CSCC 1993 Silver Mazda RX7 R SSM
9 Michael B SSCC Scuba Steve's Disco Palace 2007 Red Mazda Rx-8 S STX
132 Tom K ASA Global Structural Detailing 2009 Black Nissan GTR R SM
16 Jim W ASA majormojo motorsports 1990 Black Honda Civic S STC
71 Colin P ASA DBM Motorsports 1992 Red Nissan 240sx S STC
37 Matthew R ASA Ladlesport Skunkworks 1999 Blue Mazda Miata S STR
245 Alex A ASA 1982 Blue volvo 245 S EM
46 Dave A SSCC 1975 Red Datsun 280Z S FP
777 Allan O SSCC Allan Oystryk 1992 Red Ford Mustang S CP
91 John R SSCC 1991 Green Mazda Miata S STS
2 Don P SSCC Saskatoon Wheel Works, Regina Wheel Works, Deca Industries 1983 Silver Reynard F2000 RR CM
23 Bud K SSCC 2010 Silver Porsche 911 S ASP
4 David P CSCC toyo tires 1991 Red acura nsx S SS
427 Bill T SASCC Airwolf Group inc. 2006 Silver Porsche Cayman S S AS
22 Bruce M ASA Guillevin International, Schwab Chevrolet 2009 Red Chevrolet Cobalt SS Sedan S STX
7 Wilhelm G SSCC 2008 Blue Mazda MX-5 S STR
201 Matthew H SASCC 93 Silver Mazda RX-7 R SSM
6 Fernando G ASA 1990 Black Honda Civic S STC
13 Chris S CSCC Tecmotion 1994 White Mazda Miata R CSP
19 Brent K SSCC Bartley's Rocket Wax 2002 Black Honda S2000 R BS
80 Wayne D SASCC 2007 Blue Nissan 350Z S RTR
5 Murray P SASCC M&J Timing Systems 2002 Red Honda S2000 R BS
42 Chris D WSCC 2003 Silver Nissan 350Z S BSP
666 Myles R SSCC performance plus, amsoil, wurth 1991 Black Toyota Supra R XP
105 Jo P SASCC M&J Timing Systems 2002 Red Honda S2000 R BS
413 Clayton M ASA 2007 Silver Honda S2000 S SSM
31 Janet B ASA 2007 Silver Honda S2000 S SSM
739 Scott F Other 2013 Blue Subaru Impreza WRX S DS
742 Matthew S ASA My own damn self. 2005 Blue BMW M3 S BSP
52 Robin B SSCC Streetwise Service 1998 Black Plymouth Neon S SMF
570 Peter F SSCC My amazing girlfriend 1991 Silver Mazda Miata S STS
999 Michael K SSCC 1991 Black Mazda Miata S STS
33 Rolf L SSCC MT Gigolo Services 8==D 1986 Blue Ford Mustang R CP
315 David S SSCC 1928 Blue Ford Model A S ?
10 Scott H SSCC 2010 Silver Dodge Challenger S FS
32 Colin A SSCC 1973 Black Datsun 240z R SSM
18 Ryan G SSCC 2009 White Subaru WRX/STi S ASP
49 Daniel M SSCC Peniston Oils 2002 Red Pontiac Grand Am S GS
89 Milan B CSCC 2006 Red Honda S2000 S STR
20 Jesse S ASA Mishimoto, Toyo, AM Performance, Pure Turbos, Fastech Performance, TastefulMods 1991 Black BMW 325 R SM
802 Heather G SSCC Gazelle Fine Art 1990 Blue Mazda Miata R ES
11 Mark D SSCC Scooter's Catch-A-Ride 2004 Black Mazda Miata S CS
14 Conlan K SSCC University of Saskatchewan, Honda, Deca Industries, APEGS, Marv's Place, Engineering Shops, Physics Shops, Got Mold?, McMorrow Construction, Calspan, Loctite, Solidworks, Redbull, WD PLastics, Metallicut, MSC Software, etc. (see car for full list) 2013 Black HMS S9 RR FSAE
111 Matt L SSCC 1991 Silver bmw 318 S STX
141 Brett D SSCC 2013 Black FSAE S9 RR FSAE
41 Anthony B SSCC 2013 Black HMS S9 RR FSAE
8 Scott A SASCC Spec R Tire Services 2003 Black Honda S2000 S STR
88 Lindsay W SSCC 1986 White Honda CRX S EP
98 Mia K Other 2006 Red Honda S2000 S STR
29 David K SSCC 1991 Silver Acura Integra R DSP
555 David B SSCC Anna-Belle & Subie's Adventures 2004 Blue Subaru STi S ASP
63 Andrew C ASA my wallet 2003 Silver Honda S2000 S STR
114 Kyle M QCMA 2013 Black FSAE S9 RR FSAE
17 Dennis B SSCC Streetwise Service 1992 Red Nissan 240SX S STC
46 Craig T ASA Your Mom 2002 Red Ford Focus S STF
27 Jamie F ASA Data Centre Design Inc. 1966 Green Austin Healey Sprite RR GP
21 Jason A SSCC 1990 Black VW Golf Gti RR FSP

Chevette Challenge Drivers

Copyright Randy. Click image for full version on his album. Maximum 20 entries. Full

  1. Tom K.
  2. Bud K.
  3. Bruce M.
  4. Matthew H.
  5. Fernando G.
  6. Chris S.
  7. Brent K.
  8. Wayne D.
  9. Murray P.
  10. Chris D.
  11. Matthew S.
  12. Robin B.
  13. Michael K.
  14. Colin A.
  15. Matt L.
  16. Scott A.
  17. David K.
  18. Dennis B.
  19. Colin P.
  20. Craig T.

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